San Juan

High School

College and Career Pathways for the 21st Century.

In 2015, Soroptimist International of Citrus Heights started participating in the San Juan School District Culinary School through various grants to enhance the student's ability to grow and compete with other high schools.  The culinary school last year entered several competitions, and were able to win $25,000 for their students.  Our Citrus Heights high school offers college and career pathways for their students with a wide curriculum.  We feel an investment in the high school students, is an investment in our future as a community.

Because of our commitment to the high school, and to support the students of San Juan High School culinary students, we established an annual award in the honor of Jean Duncan.  The award is now called "The Jean Duncan San Juan High School Culinary Award"   Jean has been an SICH member for 35 years.  She and her husband Jack are the heart of phillanthropy in our community and have participated in hundreds of our projects including the high school.

Details for applying for the award are being

formulated during our retreat this year

and will be published online when available.